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The first record of the Olympic Games dates from 776 BC but it is
likely that many competitions were held before then. The modern Olympic
Games began in 1896. America hosted the modern Olympics 4 times,
Australia twice, and in 1980 it was Moscow that hosted the Summer
Olympic Games. No Olympics were held in 1916, 1940 and 1944
because of war. The Winter Olympics began in 1924, originally the same
year as the summer competition, but now are held on alternate years. The
Olympic Games have сhanged over time and regulated by the International
Olympic Committees. Almost every sport, from archery to yachting, is
included in the Games and it continues to be the world's largest sports

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1.How many years ago was the first mention of the games? 
2.What sports are in the Olympics? 
3.In what year stardet the Winter Olympics? 
4.How many times have the Olympic Games in Australia? 
5.In what yeare was the beginning of modern Olympic games?