Complete the guestions with tag endings.
1.It's very windy and cloudy today,______?
2.They spent two weeks in London,_____?
3. Martin won't go to the Africa next month,______?
4. She works hard in the lessons,______?
5. George didn't spend the summer in the country,_____?
6. You can't repair the bike by yourself ( сам ),______?
7. Den and Tom will take part in competition,______?
8. Mr Brown gives a lot of homework,_______?


Ответы и объяснения

1. Isn't it?
2. Didn't they?
3. Will he?
4. Doesn't she?
5. Did he?
6. Can you?
1.isnt it?
2.didnt they?
3.wil he?
4.doesnt she?
5.did he?
6.can you?
7.wont they?
8.doesnt he?