Помогите пожалуйста !!!! Нужно написать сочинение про самый лучший мультфильм ( без разницы сколько он длится -20 минут или 2 часа). Спасибо огромное!!!!

Отметьте меня как лучшее решение а то я стараюсь как черт))

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                                               My favourite cartoon.
1)My favourite cartoon is Alpha and Omega.
2)it is about wolves, speaking volves!
3) The main heroes of it are Hamfry and Kate
4) Hamfry is an Omega volf, and he is not very popular in his forest.
5)But Kate is a very interesting and beautiful wolfy.
6) Kate had to marry Hard from the other forest, and i guess she didn't want to...
7) at there first meeting Kate was nervous, and after a few minutes went to drink water.
8) there she was met by Humphry and they started speaking about Hard.
9)Suddenly the hunters came with sleeping peels in guns, and hit the wolves.
10) then our herous were sent to international park of Aidaho to the restore the population.
11) There were no wolves in Aidaho since Kate with Humfry came there.
12) So, native "people" of this park were very surprised to meet them.
13) i can say they were littlebit frightned.
14)Kate and Humpry decided to go home and on their way they met good friend named Perry and Frank.
15) They liked to play golf, and soon that mini-game would save their lives.
16)when they were on the way home, there was a big storm.
17) the water destroyed all the briges and our herous had to go other way.
18) When they were near the mountain where the Canadian express starts his way, they met bears and hardly won the fight with them.
19)They didn't miss the train because of the cleverer Kate and Humphry's ability to ride a log))
20)on the eve before arriving hamphry and kate sang together)
21) before the ariving Hamphry understood that he love Kate and wanted to say it to her
22) He started talking, but there was their station and Kate didn't listen to him...
23)There was a war between two volves clans.
24)Kate had to marry Hard and to unite two clanes for all volves be happy..
25)Suddenly Kate understood, that she loves Hamphry, and Hard understood that he loved Lili, Kate's sister.
26) it was Happyend.
27)They married all together and loved each other all their life long.
28) I recomend you to watch this film because it is funny and moving, it won't leave anybody indifferent.