Reading Tests 3 класс

Jim’s Forest Friend

One Sunday morning my friend Jim goes to the forest. He meets his friend in the forest. His friend’s name is Mike. Mike is a bear. He is big, brown and funny.

Mike has a sweet tooth. He likes sweets, jam and honey. The bees in the forest are his friends. But Mike doesn’t like cabbage and carrots. Jim likes ice cream and red sweet carrots. He has a sweet tooth too.

Mike is smart. He visits Green School. He can read forest books. But he cannot play chess. Jim would like to teach Mike to play chess. He says: «Please, Mike, play with me». Jim likes to help his friend. His friend is strong but kind. Jim and Mike are friends.

Задание А

Read the text. What is this story about? Choose the right answer.

Forest School The boy’s friend Bees The forest

Задание В

Complete the sentences. Choose the correct word or word combination.

1.Jim has got… 2. . Jim meets Mike… 3. Mike can… 4. Jim would like to…

a.A forest friend a. in the park a. play a. read books together

b. The bees b. in Green School b. run and jump b. play chess together

c. Ice cream c. in the forest c. sing c. be strong

d. Sweet carrots d. at home d. read d. . play football together

Задание С

Answer the question.

Who are Mike’s friends?


Ответы и объяснения

Задание A .
Forest School 
 B .
1 -A