Мне надо составить сочинение мая школа на англиском языке я живу в Волжском, учусь 5 б классе школа №2 учитель надежда владимировна ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!

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ну как то так

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Our school is a four-storey building.My school is situated within a ten-minute walk from my home.When you enter the school building,you get into the entrance hall.In the hall you will also see the door leading to the school office and the headmaster's office.In the ground floor you will find the canteen.Many pupils go there during the noon recess to have their lunch.Some pupils and teachers go there after classes and have dinner.If a pupil falls ill in school,he can go to the medical inspection room and consult the school doctor on the first floor.Such there is a library in our school.If pupil wants some books for his work,he goes to the library.The librarian will supply him with the necessary books .The pupils may also take books for reading at home .If you don't know what to take ,the librarian will help you find an interesting and exciting book.You can also come to the library and read some books and magazines there during a break,or after lessons.Also on the ground floor there are juniors classes.After lessons they have a room for supervised.Some of the junior pupils have nowhere to go after classes ,as their parents are at work.So they come to this room.Of course,there are chemistry class,physics class ,mathematics class ,class of literature in our school.We also have a gym-hall with two changing-rooms: for boys and girls on the fourth floor .We have lessons of handicrafts.Boys and girls have handicrafts lessons separately ,because the programmer are different.Girls learn cooking and needlework.Boys learn woodwork and metal work.There is a stadium in front of school.There are many flowers and trees around the school.