Составьте 5 вопросов разного типа по тексту (желательно с ответами)

Many thousands of years ago there were no houses such as people live in today. In hot countries people sometimes made their homes in the trees and used leaves to protect themselves from rain or sun. In colder countries they dwelt in caves. Later people left their caves and trees and began to build houses out of different materials such as mud, wood or stones.
Later people found out that bricks made of mud and dried in the hot sunshine became almost as hard as stones. In Ancient Egypt especially, people learned to use these sun-dried mud bricks. Some of their buildings are still standing after several thousands of years.
The Ancient Egyptians discovered how to cut stone for building purposes. They erected temples, palaces and huge tombs. The greatest tomb is the stone pyramid of Khufu, king of Egypt. The ancient Egyptians often erected their huge constructions to commemorate their kings or pharaohs.
The ancient Greeks also understood the art of building with cut stone, and their buildings were beautiful as well as useful. They often used pillars partly for supporting the roofs and partly for decoration. Parts of these ancient buildings can still be seen today in Greece.
Whereas the ancient Greeks tried to embody the idea of harmony and pure beauty in their buildings, the Roman architecture produces the impression of greatness, might, and practicalness.
The Romans were great bridge, harbour and road builders. In road works the Romans widely used timber piles. They also erected aqueducts, reservoirs, water tanks, etc. Some of their constructions are used till now.

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1. Что использовали Римляни в дорожных работах? 
2.Когда не было домов, где строили дома?
 3. Чем укрывались от дождя и жары? 
4. Что часто использовали греки столбы, для поддержки крыши?
 5. В честь кого Египтяне возводили свои сооружения?
1. What used by the Romans in the road works?
2.When did not have houses, where they built houses?
3. The more sheltered from the rain and heat?
4. What is often used by the Greeks pillars to support the roof?
5. For whom the Egyptians erected their buildings?
Вот как-то так) Точно не уверенна, но всё же) 
Some of their designs are still in use or not use them?
Some of their designs used hitherto or forgotten?\
Некоторые из их конструкции используются до сих пор или ими не пользуются?
Некоторые из их конструкции используются до сих пор или их забыли?
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