Сделать в Future Continius. Н/р: готовое So at 9.30 you will be watching TV.
P.S. учитель сказал что в готовом варианте всегда первое слово должно стоять SO.
1.Jim is going to study from 7 till 10 o`clock this evening.(at 8.30 this evening )
2.We are going to clean the flat tomorrow from 9 till 11 o`clock.(at 10 o`clock tomorrow morning)
3.We are going to spend next Saturday lying on the beatch.(in the aftrernoon next Saturday)
4.Roy is going to return home from work between 6 and 7 tomorrow morning.(at 6.30 tomorrow evening)
5.I`m going to meet my friend in the aftrernoon.(at 2 c`clock tomorrow)
6.Mike is going to travel by boat along the Severn next week.(on Thursday)
7.We are going to work in the garden all day long.(at midday tomorrow)
8.Bill is going home to San-Francisco ant it will take him two weeks to get there.(next Friday)
9.My sister going to take her examinations in 5 days.(in 2 days)
10.Dan is going to visit his grandparents in Semey in a week.(in 2 days)


Ответы и объяснения

  Сделать в Future Continius. Н/р: готовое So at 9.30 you will be watching TV. 1.So at 8.30 this evening he will be doing his homework.2.So at 10 o`clock tomorrow morning we will be cleaning our flat.3.So in the aftrernoon next Saturday we will be lying on the beach.
4.So at 6.30 tomorrow evening he will be returning home from work.
5.So at 2 c`clock tomorrow I will be meeting my friends.
6.So on Thursday he will be travelling along Severn.
7.So at midday tomorrow we will be working in the garden.
8.So next Friday he will be going home to San-Francisco.
9.So in 2 days she will be preparing for examinations.
10.So in 2 days he will be preparing for the trip.