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10th of October
Dear Martin,
It was great to get a letter from you.
I like to travel and learn more about different places. And I also
travelled a lot this summer. In August I went abroad. I spent two weeks
in Cambridge in a summer school camp.
In the morning we spent three
hours learning English. In the lessons we read and discussed texts,
learned English poems by heart, played games, and used the computers. We
also read interesting stories about English history and traditions. We
took a lot of pictures and had fun. Now I speak, read and write English
much better than last year.
We also spent three days in London. It was great! When we go to England, I'd like to visit London again.
That's great that you like St Petersburg. I like it very much too.
says Barbara Grey is your English teacher. Fantastic! Last year she
taught us English too. She was my favourite teacher! I want to become an
English teacher like Barbara. Send my best regards to her.
Best wishes,
Lena. ответить на вопросы: 1) When did Lena go abroad?2. Where did she study ?3.what city in Great Britain would Lena like to visit again? 4.what did the summer school students do in the morning? 5.did lena like the capital of Great Britain ? и еще задание :заполнить пропуски:1.lena is from...2. in summer she went...3.she improved her english besause...4. she would like to visit london once more besause...5.lena wants to be...


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1.She went abroad in August.
2.She studied in Cambridge in a summer school camp.
3.She would like to visit London again.
4.They spent 3 hours learning English.
5.Yes,she did.
1.Lena is from St Petersburg(я не уверена)
2.In summer she went abroad.
3.She improved her English because she spent 2 weeks in Cambridge.
4....because London was great.
5.an English teacher.
спасибо, но мне надо полные ответы
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