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Every man dreams of a happy family , a house , where you expect and love. Many people see happiness above all in the family. With the concept of home and family connected our first view of the world , love and care. House - is the main component of human life. House - is primarily a family, this small homeland , which begins a love for his native country for the Fatherland . Family in the life of every person plays an important role. According to the writer L. Zhukhovitskii , a man who grew up in a good family life thanks her for her joy . The man who grew up in a difficult family life thanks her for the lesson . Family - is the most expensive ones and relatives . For me, the family begins with the mother. My mother's affection , tenderness , warmth surround us from the very first days of life. It is said that a woman can achieve brilliant results in any field . It can bring a lot of benefits to society , but the most important and hard work of her life - it's a family. Mom - homemaker . On her fragile shoulders keeps the whole house : her after work to cook , feed , clean , help make the lessons and still do a lot of things. Sometimes wonder how my mother all the time to ! In our house is always warm , cozy , and me and my father , and guests , and even animals. I , of course, understand that one mother can not create a good family , because the family - a team , and the climate in the family must be created by all its members . Mutual aid , care about each and kindness to our family create warmth, comfort and well-being.