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Предположим рассказ будет про Гарри Поттера... но какие именно слова вам нужны??
                                             Harry Potter
I want to tell you about Harry Potter. He is my favourite hero. When i first overheard(мельком услышала) this name i was very interested, what is it? and soon i found this book at the library, and started reading. How interesting it was!
        Once upon a time there was a small boy named Harry Potter, and soon he was invited to the magic school Hogwarts.. there he met new friends Germione Greinger and Ron Uisli. they had to fight with dark magician Volan-de-morte, that wanted to become deathless(проверьте, бессмертный) and to enslave all magic world...
        Also there is a film for this book, and soo i'm going to watch it...