Ребят, помогите составить 5-7 предложений на английском языке про хобби ( мое хобби это вокал)
Заранее спасибо)


Ответы и объяснения

My favourite hobbie is singing. I like it very much, and of course i can't live without music. I've got a brilliant voice as my teacher says. I like different competitions in singing. My favourite song, which i like to sing is..(песню которую ты любишь петь больше всего)
This song rises my mood, helps me to relax. I'm singing it with all of my soul(душа) and gives all the emotions that i have.
My hobby is vokal. I like singing very much. Also I like listening to other people how they singing. I improve my voice with each passing day. my favourite song is... I like sing it when I am sad