Возьмите красную ручку и исправьте ошибку.
1)He will helps about the house.
2)She shall do her hovework in the evening/
3)They will buy a new game in afternoon
4)Your little sister usually goes tj the bed ar 8 o clock doesnt she
5)I had the good tome there
6)We shallnt go to school tomorrow
7)they willnt play tennis next sunday
8)tom mas at school didnt he
9)the wtather is nice today is it
10)they went for a walk dont they
Помогите пожалуйста!!

там было пару ошибок,я все исправила!
Там во всех есть
сколько было столько и нашла!

Ответы и объяснения

1) he will help
2) she will do
3) in the afternoon
4) goes to bed
5) a good time
6) we shall not to go
7) they will not play tennis
8) ?
9) isn't it
10) didn't they