Диалог по телефону о школьников как первый спрашивает домашнее задание у друга


Ответы и объяснения

-Hello, missis Durand, is Jim at home? It is Nick, his school friend.
-Oh, one minute Nick...
-Jim is speaking,..
-hi Jim! it's me Nick!
-Oh, hi, why you weren't at school today? We had a very important dictation today.
-Sorry, I have fallen ill... I guess it is tonsillitis(ангина)
-Ok, do you want to hear our homework?
-Yes, please.
-Math: page 34 exersice 2,3,4,7
-Aha... what about English?
-Page 21 exersice 19. you have to learn a poem by heart!
-Ok, anything else?
-Yes, biology. page 45 to draw a plant.
-that's all? 
-Yes, we had only 3 lessons today... Would you come to school today?
-I guess no, maybe three days later.
-Ok, than bye!
-bye, bye!

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