Напишите пожалуйста небольшое сочинение в15 предложений о политической системе Англии, на английском языке


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Head of State - Queen Elizabeth II, remains in office since 1952 , being the monarch of the United Kingdom and 42 in a row 6 queen. Her power is nominal , ie " Reigns but does not rule ." Power is transferred by inheritance from a representative of the ruling dynasty to another in the manner prescribed by law . The pay of the Queen made ​​up of income from her personal property and allocations from the state budget , it receives on the civil list , adopted by the Parliament . When the Queen is advice that helps her manage.

The powers of the Queen of Great Britain :

• Queen is head of state , the executive power is vested in the head of government ;
• is commander in chief of the armed forces ; • has the right reward for services to the state , to provide honorary citizenship ;
• represents the state in the international arena, but their actions will agree with the foreign policy of the Government;
• all acts emanating from the Queen to be countersign , ie acts signed by the Prime Minister ;
• has the right to veto laws passed by Parliament , the English Crown about 280 years has not exercised its right of absolute veto , but this right is not canceled and it can be used in an emergency ;
• queen may convene an extraordinary session of Parliament ;
• queen in the activity does not depend on political parties;
• Queen can dissolve parliament and call early elections in the event that Parliament expresses no confidence in the government;
• some other authority .

The scope of discretionary powers of Elizabeth II in normal conditions is very small , but there may be situations in which a queen may be able to act independently.

The British Parliament consists of two chambers: the House of Lords - the upper house and the House of Commons - the lower house . Parliament is one of the most important parts of the British government machinery . The House of Commons is formed as a result of the general election . The House of Lords is built on the basis of nonelected . Parliament formally regarded as a body endowed with the supreme legislative power. This means that only the Parliament has the authority to issue , amend or abolish laws that determine the budget, levy taxes and authorize the expenditure of government funds. Formally, it exercises control over the government , and may demand the resignation of the government if it does not have more of his support.

Parliament exercises and judicial functions . In practice, however, most of these powers belong to the parliament in name only , and is currently under the direction and supervision of the cabinet. Really existing executive body of state power by the constitution is not provided. The Cabinet exists on the basis of the constitutional treaty . The government is formed by parliamentary means , according to the Anglo -Saxon system.

In the UK, nominally queen can appoint the prime minister, but it is always the leader of a particular party grouping which forms the cabinet . Today the Prime Minister in the UK is David Cameron . The government is formed by the Prime Minister from among the members of the party who received the most votes in the House of Commons. At present, there are about 100 members of the government , which include the 4 groups of ministers.