Составить рассказ на тему моя семья.для 9 класса.на английском


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  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей
I have a big family.We are 7;My mother,my father, my sister,my brother,my grandmother , my grandfather and I.My father is a businessman.He works hard.My mother is a teacher.I love her very much.My grandfather works.He has his own business.He likes his work.He has a small dining room.My granmother is a houswife.She looks after the children.She is a very nice woman.My brother is a student.He studies at Moscow theatrical university.My sister is a schoolgirl.She goes to school. She is in the eight form.She is pretty.And finally about me.I'm a Schoolgirl.I 'm in the seventh form.I go to English couses.I want to go to gym.I'm planning to exesises.