Ответы и объяснения

I have been to Moscow twice.
They have already learnt this poem by heart.
We have already written the composition.
My sister has just cleaned her room.
Her friends have done their homework.
Our teacher has just asked all her questions.
His father has just had his breakfast.
I have already prepared for my exams.
We have just washed our hands.
The students have done their tests and gone home.
нужен перевод?
Спасибо, не надо.
подошло решение?
Да,спасибо большое!
I have just finished my homework;
He has passed the exam;
You have read too much books;
I have been to Red Square too many times;
I have just bought my iPhone;
We have finished our school day;
The Cold War hasn't finished;
I have just surfed the net;
They have learned everything;
I have asked my teacher about my homework.