Ответы и объяснения

Если сочинение про свой характер, то можно разделить текст на 3 категории: 
1. very, really - 
2. pretty, quite
3. a bit
I'd like to tell you about my character. ...
I am very (bossy), I...(like to order people). Also I (...), because I (...). I am really (...), I (...).
I'm quite (immaginative): (I try to invent something interesting in a curtain situation). I am pretty (...), sometimes I (...). 
I am a bit (shy), (sometimes I feel uncomfortable, talking with my new friends). On the other hand I can be (rude) (if somebody makes me angry). ...
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First of all I want to tell you that my name is Irina and I'm 15. My height is nearly 159 cm. But I'd like to be a bit taller. Well,  I’m not slim but I'm not fat either.  I have a round face as everyone has, a bit long nose and big cheerful grey eyes. My skin is a bit pale but I like this fact, I don't like ruddy faces. I have no freckles as my friend Nina has. My forehead is open. I think I have a charming smile.  My hair isn't very short but it's not long either. It is straight and black. I have rich hair. I think that I look like my father and I'm proud of it. I am very active and creative, cheerful and curious.