Замените формы глаголов Present Continuous формами глаголов Present Simple.

1. My relatives often spend
much time together. 2. He usually teaches mathematics at school. 3. They
visited a museum last Sunday. 4. Helen will meet her friend near the University
tomorrow. 5. I will introduce my new friends to the parents tomorrow. 6. People
set up a custom­house for the examination of foreign goods in 1749. 7. The
fortress re­placed the custom-house in 1761. 8. The inhabitants usually
nickname the Don River as "Father Don". 9.
People always call Rostov-on-Don the gateway to the Caucasus.
10. They will restore that church next year.


Ответы и объяснения

1/My relatives are  spending  time together 
2. He is teaching mathematics at school
3. They are visiting a museum today
4.Helen is meeting her friend near the university today
5. I am introducing my new friends to the parents today
6.People are setting up a customhouse for the examination  of foreign goods.
7. ??
8.The inhabitats are named the don river as Father Don
9.People are calling Rostov on Don the Gateway to the Caucaus/ 
10.They are restoring that church/