Сделайте предложения отрицательными и задайте вопросы к выделенным словам
1. He liked his pictures
2. They usually have lunch at 12 o'clock
3. There were many fans at the stadium
4. He will go to that place again next year.
5. I haven't recieved his litter yet
6. Ann always does her homework


Ответы и объяснения

1. He didn't like his pictures. What did he like?
2. They haven't lunch at 12 o'clock. Who usually have a lunch at 12 o'clock?
3. There weren't many fans at the stadium. Where were many fans?
4. He won't go to that place again next year. When will he to that place again next year?
5 I have recieved his litter already.  What haven't I recieved yet?
6. Ann always doesn't her homework либо Ann never does her homework. What does Ann always do?
He did not liked pictures.
Why did he liked pictures?

They do not have usually lunch at 12 o'clock.
Do they
have lunch or breakfast at 12 o'clock

There do not were many fans at the stadium.
Do there were many fans at the stadium.

He does not  go to that place again next year.
Does he go to that place again next year.

I does not have
recieved his litter yet.
Why does i recieved his litter yet.

Ann does not always  her homework.
Does Ann always her or him homework.