Ребят помогите пожалуйста*
напишите с этими словами предложение в Present Pefect пассиф
2) society
3) violence
4) cruelty
5) rude
6) forget
7) instead
8) shame
9) spy
10) humuluate
11) spoil
12) interrupt


Ответы и объяснения

1.a lot of animals are under threat.
2.i joined one of societies 
3.violence is one of important problems nowadays
4.cruelty in child-rearing leads to psychic trauma 
5.being rude can cause different indignations
6.you shouldn`t forget your relatives` dates of birth 
7.you should study instead of playing games
8.what a shame,everybody will remember it till the end of their lifes!
9.when i was little,i wanted to be a spy,like Angelina Joly
10.you don`t have to humiliate your close people
11.lack of education and knowledge can spoil your future
12.we shouldn`t interrapt teachers,we should respect them
извини,только сейчас заметила,что нужно в пассиве написать
в принципе,тут легко и быстро можно на пассив заменить
Я не умею(