Внимание 30 балов за решение

Нужно написать сочинение на тему премии от школы для учеников!
примерный план: 1 Подумайте о названии новой премии
2 Решите, как часто премия была бы дана
3 Дизайн ряд критериев для премии
4 Выберите возможных победителей


Ответы и объяснения

There are many awards in different areas of life:in films,in science,in technology and others.therefore i think that  pupils also deserve the award.and now i tell you about my idea.
This award i called ''the medal of Schatalov'' in honour the most understanding teacher USSR ,which developed a special education system.this award would be given the most clever pupils.for this will be held a competition in every town or city.i see that many awards can devise but i think that the award for succuses in study is very important.this medal is motivation to learn and excuse to pride for us and for our country.this award will be gold and with the initials of the winner.it is will be symbolize the desire to study.the medl helps get a place in the best universities and acadimies in country.
In conclusion i can say that it is not bad idea.it helps really talanted people develop their skills.