Помогите определить время и залог сказуемого.

1. Economists make models because they want to use them in economic analysis.

2. The term “macroeconomics” was first used in the 1930s.

3. Russia’s economy didn’t grow fast in 1990s.

4. Most of the lands in the North of the country have not been used yet.

5. Brazil has recently increased the exports of foodstuffs.

6. There are some applied fields of economics in which specialists are interested.

7. Profit and losses of the firm are being studied by the manager at the moment.

8. The government policy is changing the economic conditions in this region.

9. If the company raises labour efficiency, it will become more profitable.

10. The managers were discussing the report for over an hour.


Ответы и объяснения

1)время настоящее-Present Simple, залог активный
2)время прошедшее-Past Simple, залог пассивный(=страдательный)
3)время прошедшее-Past Simple, залог активный
4)время -Present Perfect, залог пассивный
5)время -Present Perfect, залог активный
6)время настоящее-Present Simple, залог активный
7)время настоящее-Present Continuous, залог пассивный
8)время настоящее-Present Continuous, залог активный
9)If the company raises labour efficiency - время настоящее-Present Simple, it will become more profitable - время будущее-Future Simple, залог активный
10)время прошедшее-Past Continuous, залог активный.