сочинение по английскому на тему:многим людям нравится зима,но я ненавижу ее)))плиз помогите с английским вобще никак(((


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Lots of people like winter because of many reasons, but I don't. First of all I don't like cold weather, because it is easy to catch a cold. Also I don't like when it is snowing, because it is hard to walk on the snow. I don't like winter holidays because it is too hard to choose a present in the shop - too many people everywhere. I can't sleep at New Year eve night because everybody use fireworks and there are lights and noises all over the city. The last reason I don't like winter is that I have to wear warm clothes, boots, scarf, hat. I prefer to wear t-shirt and shorts on summer. 
так сойдет?
учись хорошо друг)))))