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Hello , Britney ! I am writing you this time in Russian because you have to know the language. I teach in my school English. I thought he nravitsya.S every lesson I learn something new and interesting about your language. For example , the combination of some of the letters you ever read a single sound , and we have no such. You also teach at the school a new language. Surely , this is the Russian language . After all, he is one of the most developed languages ​​of the world, and the children of many of his teaching . Perhaps you, too .
    Come on, I'm still a little bit to tell you about my language . Maybe then you will be more interesting to learn it , and you'll know why you're teaching him . Russian language is very rich in words of different parts of speech. Not every language is an abundance of them . In my language a lot of different things called the same name. My language is full of history . For centuries, were written in the annals of Russia , which describe everything that was going on . Annals survived until the present century , and is now kept in museums across the country. Our country is endowed with wonderful and writers, poets. Nikolai Gogol , for example, could show the beauty of Russian language in his works. S.Esenin able to make one brief little poem and it was already seen the beauty of Russia , winter or spring , summer or fall , he felt all the sounds and whispers of nature, its music and aromas of flowers and wrote it all on paper in order to all this beauty come down to us in verse.
    Learn the language you need for that if you want to visit Russia , you can sazgovarivat with people in their own language , in Russian . In my country there are many different museums and nature reserves. In my town there is Yasnaya Polyana . You're probably reading a book Tolstoy . And in Yasnaya Polyana , he lived with his family. He read books to their children , not just their own, but foreign writers. Back in his estate , he opened a school for peasant children, and the worst punishment there is a ban if the child come to class .