read martins letter once more.find and write down all of the abjectives. then put them into three forms
London, Great Britain? 20th of SeptemberDear Lena,I am Martin Oldfield. I'm Jim's friend. I live in London. Last summer l visited Russia. It was relly great! I was in St Petersburg. It's such a beautiful and interesting city. I spent two weeks there. The weather was fine. We went sightseeing. We travelled on a comfortable bus round the city. But best of all l enjoyed the palaces which are situated near St Peter. We were in Pavlovsk, Pushkin and Peterhof.There is the greatest and the most beautiful palace in Peterhof. It was amazing to see so many fountains there. The guide told us a lot of stories and legends about them. It was interesting to listen to him. After the trip we returned to the city by ship. It was fantastic! For a minute l imagined myself as a seaman!


Ответы и объяснения

Вот что нашла я, может кто-то что-нибудь ещё заметит.
great- greater- the greatest
beautiful- more beautiful- the most beautiful
interesting- more interesting- the most interesting
fine- finer- the finest
comfortable- more comfortable- the most comfortable
the greatest- greater- great
the most beautiful- more beautiful- beautiful
amazing- more amazing- the most amazing
interesting- more interesting- the most interesting
fantastic- more fantastic- the most fantastic