Помогите составить предложения с этими показателями времени. at ten o'clock at half past nine at a quarter to eight at ten to nine at twenty past seven at a quarter past eight in the morning in the evening in the daytime

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I came home at ten o'clock
TV program begins at half past nine
I have listened to music at quater to eight
Dog began to run at ten to nine
I filled sick at twenty past seven
I did my h/w at quarter past eight
I woke up in the morning
I go to sleep in the evening
I went for a walk in the daytime
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At ten o'clock in the morning I usually drink tea.
At half past nine yesterday morning we went to school.
At a quarter to eight my father has his breakfast.
At ten to nine tomorrow evening they will show my favourite film on TV.
At twenty past seven in the evening I will play computer games.
At quarter past eight in the morning my friend and I were at home.