Помогите по английскому !!!!!
в левом столбике слова которые нужно вставить в предложения в справа.

central heating, 1) this family lives ib a new ....... on..... oj moscow. washing machine, 2)our country house doesn,t have .....
in brown colour, 3)most englisch houses dont,thave ...... and in
at a los , winter it is cold in them
a lampshade, 4)in the kitchen we havea ..... but we dont have a ....
a garden and an orchard, 5)the ....is to carry rubbish down .
moderb conveniences, 6)they want to build a new house with ....around it.
block of flats, 7)in me study everything is ......
in fashion,
the left-hand corner , 8)the wall unitsare not ....now.
dish washer, 9)our living room is small , but in spite of it, it is very.....
the ouskirts. 10) there is a small round table with a musik centre in....of the

без ошибок предложения нельзя переписывать?

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1) This family lives in a new block of flats on the outskirts of  Moscow.
2) Our country house doesn't have modern conveniences.
3) Most  English houses don't have central heating and in winter it is cold in them
4) In the kitchen we have a dishwasher but we  don't have a washing machine. 
5) The chute is to carry rubbish down .
6) They want to build a new house with a garden and an orchard around it.
7) In my study everything is in brown colour
8) The wall units are not in fashion now. 
9) Our living  room is small , but in spite of it, it is very cosy 
10) There is a small round table with a music centre in the left-hand corner of the bedroom.