Put the words in the correct form.
Betty Green (1)________(be) my best friends. We (2) ________ (be) in the same class.
What (3)________she________(have got) on her desk?
She (4)_______(have got) four (5)_______(notebook), two (6)________(atlas) and a pencil-case with three (7)_________(pen). She (8)_____________(not have got) books. Look, she (9)________(have got) a stamp!
Wow! (10)______ she_______(have got) a stamp collection?
Yes, she (11)__________(have). Her stamp collection (12)__________(be) great. Her album (13)___________(have got) aa hundred (14)__________(stamps) in it. Let`s look at her favourite stamps!
Fantastuc! Where (15)__________(be) they from?
(16)__________(this) two stamps (17)_______(be) from the UK. (18)__________(that) four stamps (19__________(be) Australian.

Там задание в начале, потом сам задача.
но первое предложение Betty Green is my best friend a не friends не?
Ой действительно)
Вы знаете как сделать это задание?

Ответы и объяснения

  • Pauel
  • профессор
1. is
2. are
3. has she got
4. has got 
5. notebooks
6. atlases
7. pens
8. has not got
9 has got
10. has she got
11. has
12. is
13. has got
14. stamps
15. are
16. this
17. are
18. that
19. are