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  • Tulip1991
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One day we decided to go camping in the mountains .When I say we -I mean myself and my cousin John. We prepared everything we needed and got off. We spent two hours to get the destination. Finally we achieved the place. My cousin began to fix a tent . I tried to make a fire. We had a snack and decided to explore the area. It was very beautiful place. We were absent about twenty minutes and when we came back we were shocked. The place where we fixed our tent was in a mess. Everything was upside down. We couldn't realise what happened. We had to put everything in order again.It was getting dark so we got ready to sleep. We were talking till late at night and fell asleep . In the morning we woke up and everything was in a mess again. Someone came and disturbed us. So we hid in the tent and were waiting. In an hour or so we heard a noise. We looked out of the tent and saw that it was a little bear that made a mess. When it saw us it frightening and ran away. My cousin said that soon that bear would come with his mother . And we began to pack our things.We had great time but wild animals are the masters of the wild nature. We had to go home .