Помогите пожалуйста , очень срочно

Том пишет о том, что он сдавал экзамен по русскому языку. Сдал хорошо. Сейчас отдыхает. Передает привет . Задание: написать письмо ( развернуто) о том как вы сдавали экзамен по английскому языку, и как к нему подготовились. Плюс передать привет Тому. Только не спамьте пожалуйста

простите, не люблю письма писать(( да и тема - не вызывает желания напрячься. простите!

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                                                                                                   Mira street, 32
                                                                                               The 17th of October
Dear Tom,
Thank you for your letter. I did not write you because I was ill.
It is great that you passed your Russian exam. Recently I had an English exam. Preparation for it was not so hard. I had evaluation of 4. I had some grammar mistakes but a letter and essay were so good. Also my monologuу and dialog were good too.So I want to ask you some questions. How would you prepared for your exam? What were tasks in it? How good do you know Russian language?
Oh, sorry Tom, I am hurry. That is why I must finished my letter. I send you greetings.
Write back soon 
(имя своё)
Hello, Tom!
I'm glad to hear from you again. I congratulate you with your success in Russian language. In my case, I took exam in English. It was really difficult. There was 3 parts: listening, speaking and grammar test. The most difficult part for me was listening part. I practice all day long. I started to listen BBC news and then tried to understand it. Also I tried to translate pop songs. My result was a high score on listening part.
Take regards from me,
your friend.