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At the office "BBK" 510/10 on the street wholemeal, 12, is attacked. This information was told Onliner.by confirmed by the press service of the police and in the bank. "None of the employees was hurt," - told us in the press service of the bank. October 10 evening, the TV channel ONT there was information that the robber filmed surveillance cameras he was unmasked and is presumed to be a person of Caucasian nationality. Investigative committee later issued a statement that around 14:00 not set until the man at knifepoint, seized cash amounting to about 30 million rubles. Although the bank earlier denied reports of stolen money. At present, the complex of operational investigative measures aimed at the identification of the attacker and his detention. In addition, the question of criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Art. 207 of the Criminal Code (robbery). On air ONT evening reported that a man robbed a bank, hit the lenses of CCTV cameras. On this view of Caucasian man, he was unmasked. It is reported that an armed attack on a branch of a bank using a knife came at a time when two employees of the bank closed it out for lunch. The offender has not been apprehended. Recall the first reports of the incident appeared on the forum Onliner.by. Zxcvb reader wrote (spelling and punctuation preserved website): "On the Street. wholemeal bank robbery occurred just! robbery. Number of attackers and do not know the details, too. Police said the attacker in the mask) just like in American action movies .. Now a lot of police, people in the staffing. interrogate the witnesses. "...