Упражнение 11.
Закончите предложения. Используйте have
to или
had to и один из глаголов:

to walk, to get up, to go, to buy, to change, to answer

There were
no buses yesterday evening. I had to walk home.

I’m going
to bed early tonight. I ____________ up early tomorrow morning.
It’s late.
I ______________ now. I’ll see you tomorrow.
I went to
supermarket after work because I ____________ some food.
This train
doesn’t go to London. You __________ at Bristol.
We did an
exam yesterday. We ____________ six questions out of ten.


Ответы и объяснения

1) have to get up
2)have to go
3)had to buy
4)have to change
5)had to answer