Put the verbs in the past perfect.(вставьте глаголы в простое совершенное время)
1. She ... ... (go) home by 4pm yesterday.
2. The pupils ... ...( translate) only one text by the end of the lesson when the teacher collected their tests.
3. The boy ... ... ( change) his T- shirt by that time.
4. When they came, the party ... already ... (begin).

у апатии не правильно, мы это на прошлом уроке проходили я это точно знаю
2. Had translated
3. Had changed
Had begun
извинете если я began не так написала)

Ответы и объяснения

Я пишу токо ответы, а не все предоложение
1.had gone
2.had translated
3.had changed
4.had already began
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