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My telephone keeps ringing all the day, people are calling to say “Happy birthday!” and this really great to feel that people remember about you.
Usually we go for a picnic on my birthday, but his year I want to have my birthday party at home. I will celebrate my birthday on Saturday so everybody can come. We have invited my friends and relatives to the party. There will be 12 people. We usually have big parties at home and like to meet guests. My parents help me organize this party. My father and I go shopping to buy food and everything we need for the party and my mom stays at home to start cooking. She also lays the table, she does it
At five o'clock my relatives and friends arrive to congratulate me and I am happy to see them. They bring a lot of flowers, presents, postcards and sweets. I have got a lot of nice presents - a computer, a couple of DVD’s, a yo-yo, postcards and money. I thank them all.
I usually enjoy my birthday parties. We have a good holiday dinner and everybody is merry. We dance, make jokes, sing karaoke, play games, speak about different things and don’t forget about tasty things on the table. My mom brings the birthday cake and I blow the candles out.

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Ну например, I am going to cook tasty food; I am going to invite a lot of friends и т.д.
нужно что-то необычное, такое, как прыжок с парашютом...
Ну... Например, On my birthday I am going to eat frogs, I am going to jump over the car, etc.