пожалуйста помогите составить 24 предложения с глаголами I have


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I Have a cat.
I have the best friends
I Have loving  mam
и по такому же примеру делай 
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I Have dreams
I have much homework today!
I have got a friend
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I have two dogs!
I have already done this exrcise!
I have much homework today!
I had to go there immediately.
I have even been to other contries!
I have four lessons at school.
It's the best pie I have ever eaten in my life.
I'll have to do it tomorrow's morning.
I still have enought time.
I had a very difficult lesson yesterday.
Well, I have a small sister.
Do you have enought money to buy this car?
Have you got a book about Columbus?
Have you heard, that Mary got married?
I haven't been to London yet.
Have you seen the play?
I have three cats!
Haven't you done this exercise?
I have done all the exercises in this book!
Have you written this rule?
I haven't got this book!
Have you got a pen?
I have some days to learn this poems by heart!
Have you heard this song?
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