Срочно помогите, нужно написать ессе буквально 10 предложений на тему: может ли человек без музыкального слуха развить его?


Ответы и объяснения

We all know that people are different . Some do not have any skills , and someone they are not. Still, no need to be upset , because most of the skills can be developed , such as an ear for music . Why a musical ear , now ask any of you , but in order to play a musical instrument without fear that you're not right where you wager on or sing . Here's an example how one can develop in those who sing. Mortgaging one ear and eat , thus you can hear yourself and we can identify you sing well or not. Do musicians he develops so . If you play the piano , you need to play something slower to catch the very " fake " note, and yet, if you truly want , you get everything.And excuses about the fact that you once or you can not or do not srabotaeyut laziness. It's all navsego means that you do not.Man is a creature that learns everything. There is nothing not possible.