Ответить на вопросы: 1. Is there a basement underneath the house? What do you keep there? 2. How many rooms are there? What rooms are upstairs, what rooms are downstairs? Do you have any rooms in the attic? 3. Is your house made of wood or bricks? Are there tiles on the roof? 4. Are there radiators in each room? Is there fireplace? 5. Is there electricity and running water? Do you have central heating or air conditioning in the house? What other modern conveniences are there? 6. Are the ceilings high or low? Is your house spacious? 7. Is there enough room in the house for all the treasure items that you have? Where do you keep them? 8. Is your house suitable for pets? 9. Are there carpets on the floor? Is there a comfortable settee in the lounge? 10. Do you have a shower , a laundry basket, a sink and taps for hot and cold water in the bathroom? 11. Are the rooms cluttered or tidy? 12. Do you have to share your room with anyone? 13. Do you have enough privacy? 14. Who is responsible for the upkeep of the house, the repairs and renovations? 15. What does your house look like on the outside? Is therea garden around the house? 16. Does your house lack anything? 17. Is your house a shelter and haven? 18. Are you planning to move house in the near future?


Ответы и объяснения


1.Yes it is. We keep there our potatoes.

2.There are 4 rooms. There are 2 rooms upstairs and 2 rooms downstairs. No, we don't.

3.My house made from bricks. No, there aren't.

4.Yes, there are. No, there isn't.

5.Yes it is. Yes I do. 

6.The ceilings are high. Yes it is.

7.Yes, it is. We keep them in the big room.

8.Yes, it is. 

9.Yes, there are. Yes, it is.

10.Yes, it is.

11.The rooms are cluttered.

12.Yes, we do.

13.Yes, we do.

14.My father is.

15.It looks like the palace on the ourside. Yes, it is.

16.No, it isn't.

17.Yes, it is.

18.No, we aren't.