вставьте in, from, of ,about, for ,with в следующее письмо dear mary
thank you for your letter.
it was so nice to hear ... you! I would like to tell you ... my weekend. Last Sunday I went to visit ... my grandma ... my parents. We missed ... her very much. She lives ... the country in her own house.
She was very glad to see us. I took a lot ... pictures ... my family and ... myself . ... the evening we made a fire and sang old Russian songs. When you come here ... next time we,ll visit ... my grandma ... you. Please write me ... your weekend.
Best wishes ... us all.


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1 for 2about 3of 4 with 5 for 6in 7of 8for 9from 10in 11 for 12 of 13with 14 for 15 from

а где спасибо
огромнейшее спасибо!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
просто я нажала кнопку "спасибо", а тут оказывается можно и коменты писать
прости невидел