помогите сильно нужно!
Напишите рассказ из 10-ти предложений (небольших)
почему люди не хотят жить в больших городах
и перевод тоже напишите

И напишите ещё один рассказ почему людям нравяться большие города
тоже из 10 предлож. небольших
и перевод тоже!


Ответы и объяснения

The desire of young , smart, brash ( in a good way ) , dreaming of people in the city - this is normal , and it happens all over the world . It is true in the developed countries of Europe and America, such a move is a bilateral , young - are leaving in large metropolitan areas , and elderly people who have earned a pension or some capital that enables live comfortably - go live in small towns where the air is cleaner , quieter life , and lower prices . Health and quality of life, in all countries , depends on the thickness of the purse , not the place of residence .Our seniors also have nothing to leave the large cities, they have no savings and pensions can not hire an assistant on the farm .And we in the CIS very large number of young people do not go to the city for work, salary, career , and leave the village to work , worries on the farm , etc. She heard as a young girl , which occupies the " prestigious position " seller second-hand market , said his partner , "Sure well here in the city, came home from work , took a shower and went to the TV and went home , took a hoe - and vegetable garden . " Just forget the young lady that she is watching TV while she does not have a family , children, and their own homes , and when you see it all , then it will not until the TV and sofa. But many people still live , for many years already , renting a house and not having a family. ето 2-ое