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GAMA (Gama), Vasco da (1469-1524), Portuguese Navigator. In 1497-1499 sailed from Lisbon to India around Africa, and back, for the first time paving the sea route from Europe to South Africa. Asia. In 1502-1503 and 1524 made 2 voyage to India.

GAMA (da Gama), Vasco da (1469, Синиш, Portugal - December 24, 1524, Cochin, India), Portuguese Explorer, discoverer of the sea route around Africa to India.
The first expedition
Young courtier of noble origin, a daredevil Vasco da Gama headed in 1497 the first expedition of three ships («San Gabriel», «San Rafael» and «Берриу») and a transport ship, which had equipped a king of Portugal for the opening of the sea route from Europe to India. The crew of vessels totaled approx 170 people.
Going on 8 July in Lisbon, after four months of swimming Portuguese stopped in the Bay of Saint-Хелина, making sure that over 4,200 km no significant land and large Islands.