Помогите пожалуйстя:))))) Рассказик про суеверие или примету на английском языке)))


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Want to talk and ask about the signs. Up to a certain age I do not believe at all. But once things started turning upside down.
Once I was sitting at home reading a book. Was evening and on the street started twilight. Suddenly, right in glass Windows with great speed into a bird. She's probably something broke, because on the glass outside was a little blood. I was surprised, then looked in the Internet for fun, to see what this sign may be. What he saw shocked me: death. Tomorrow I forgot about everything and was engaged in own business, when suddenly calls me mom in tears and said that our grandfather to death knocked the machine, all the windshield was in the blood. I felt terribly bad, but when I remembered about a bird, then it got worse. Since then, I signs began to listen intently. Really I am afraid of now, when the cornice sits any other bird. Always when ringing in left ear, I hear bad news. Even if you get out of bed with his left foot, then the day becomes a failure. It is likely that if this is all not to believe, it's not going to happen. But not the fact. And my biggest fear is before the black cats. When my way once ran across a black cat, all day then I was just horrible! Started with the t CSOs that my beige coat abundantly washed over mud пролетавшая a passing car. Due to the fact that we had to return home and to wear a jacket, I was late to school, and skipping with us. The same day I got a bad grade on the subject which was prepared while walking down the stairs, sprained my leg, and in the evening choked on a sandwich. Drinking валерианки, I went to sleep and I have ringing in the right ear. "Well, what can one do I wait for?" - with a heavy heart, I thought. As it turned out - good news! A day later my sister was born my племяшка
Here and think, to believe in omens, or not.