Complete the questions with tag endings1.It*s very windy and cloudy
Complete the questions with tag endings
1.It*s very windy and cloudy today ,________________?
2.They spent two weeks in London,________________?
3.Martin won*t go to the Africa next month,__________?
4.She works hard in the lessons,--------------------------------?
5.George didn*t spend the summer in the countri,---------?
6.You can*t repair the bike by yourself (caм),---------------?
7.Den and Tom will take part in competition,-----------------?
8.Mr. Brown gives a lot of homework,---------------------------?
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Ответы и объяснения

1. Isn`t it?
2. didn`t they?
3. will he?
4. doesn`t she?
5. did he?
6. can you?
7. won`t they?
8. doesn`t he?