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Knowledge a person needs to expand its worldview. This knowledge helps people to live and grow as a person.
And really , knowledge - a force that helps to open the door anywhere , that is possible. But a person who does not want to know , will never see the beauty and majesty of the world , can not feel them myself.

 We use food to maintain good health and receiving energy. Knowledge - this power for our brain and our thoughts. And like food , they must constantly produce . Also, one should always keep in mind that "knowledge - it does not mind ... ". You know a lot , but do not use it and that's when all the extracted knowledge is zero.
Knowledge can be classified as one of the greatest treasures of human treasure, which determines the price of the same person. To possess it, to keep learning , interested in new things , do not be afraid to open the pages of a new book . And remember that " whatever you did not study , you navchayeshsya for themselves ." You and only you choose for a way in which to go. Knowledge of helping people reach their source, rather than enjoying someone else .