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Do goodies wear hoodies?
There are lots of clothes shops in the Bluewater Shopping Centre in the south of England, so it's easy to find fashionable hooded tops for sale there. However, you can't wear a hooded top while you're looking, because they're banned. The shopiing centre believes that teenagers who wear hooded tops often use them to hide their faces while they're behaving badly. That's why the new rule bans people wearing 'hoodies' (hooded tops) from the shopping centre. Baseball caps are also banned. And the managers of the shopping centre say that their new rules are working. More people are shopping there, and trouble-makers are staying away. The Bluewater Shopping Centre is not the only place in the UK where certian clothes are banned. Students at Maesteg Comprehensive School in Wales ale not allowed to wear hooded tops because the head teacher believes that they cause bad behaviour. If children wear hooded tops to school, the teachers take them away, and don't give them back until the end of term. Most of the parents agree with this new rule. However, many people, especially young people, believe that these rules are silly and unfair. They say that baseball caps and hooded tops are an important part of teenage fashion, and it's impossible to judge a person's personality from the clothes they wear. The head teacher of Coombeshead College in the south of England agrees. In fact, hooded tops are now part of the school uniform at Coombeshead College. Many adults believe that young people's behaviour is getting worse. One politician, Lord Ashley, said, 'Children are ten times worse than in the past.' However, he said that in 1823! The generation gap is nothing new.


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