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I want to become goth

But I managed to come to terms with the idea that the person to talk to me Gothami fail, as all of a sudden long-awaited meeting took place. And somewhere, and in my own entrance. Two young men and a girl at home added some mailboxes and dedicated music discussed some unknown to me groups. I stopped and listened as clearly attracted their attention. 

- You what? - As something not very friendly, they asked. 

- Yes so easy - I lost, but then realized that this chance should not be overlooked - just the same as you would like to become gotom. 

Much to my surprise, the conversation came out easy and, most importantly - the content. From my new friends whose names are translated roughly as the Angel of Darkness, Child Moon, and a girl - Die Fledermaus, I learned many interesting things. For example, that the Gothic culture is very diverse: There are Christian, Egyptian and Celtic motifs. The main point - that the Egyptian ANC which symbolizes eternal life. It is obvious link with Vampirskie aesthetics, because Vampires are considered to be immortal. Christianity represented only the crucifix from a slightly modified design. Often found Celtic crosses and various ornaments. Occult heavily influenced the culture is ready, why there was an enormous amount pentagram, an eight-pointed star, symbolizing the chaos. Typical is ready for decorating, referring to the way of death. This is all sorts of skulls and coffins. 

- Have you already chosen what gotom want to become? - Asked me to the Moon Child. 

- Not yet - confusedly confessed I still do not even suspecting that it is possible choices, and to hide their ignorance asked: "What do you advise?" 

It turns out that there are at least seven varieties available, the truth, mainly manifested in clothing. Goths-punk - that the veterans movement. They are leather jackets, jeans rvanye and decorate a British pins. Goths-androidy trying all ways to hide their sexual identity. They strongly grimiruyutsya, Collars for Dogs and Cats are leather, high heels and corsets. Goths, the Gentiles are baggy clothes, raincoats and hoods. They do not make fine hair and are wooden and stone runes. Goths-fetishist love obtyagivayuschuyu clothing made of leather or latex and makeup to cause concern. Goths, working in companies with specific requirements for clothing, try to maintain the "Gothic" odevayas all strict and black, without ornaments and makeup. Kibergoty decorate their chips, gear and wires, fine hair in bright colors such as green or blue. 

- But this is the most beautiful romantic-Goths - tells Die Fledermaus - they do not have black costumes are Victorian and make complex "historical" hair. Well, you have already defined?