Поставьте глагол в PAST PROGRESSIVE:

1. What you (to do) when we rang you up?

2. The singer (to sing) very well at that moment.

3. The weather (to be) bad and it (to get) worse and worse.

4. Margaret (to write) a letter the whole evening yesterday.

5. John and Olaf (not to swim) in the river this time last year.

6. Who you (to wait) for?

7. He (to look through) the mail when the telephone (to ring).

8. They (to go) home when I (to meet) them.

9. The teacher and I (not to talk) about you the other day.

10. She (to tell) a very interesting story at that moment.


Ответы и объяснения

Were you doing
2 was singing
3 was\ was getting
4 was writing
5 were not swimming
6 was waiting
7 was looking through\ rang
8 were going\ met
9 were not talking
10 was telling