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17. Complete the text,use a (an) ,the or zero article. Wro\ite the text down.

I don't think my mother is fit to be (1.) ... parent, really I don't.

Every motrning is (2.) ... same. I'm standing by (3.)... door with my coat on, ready ton go.

School starts at nine, it's alresdy eigh-forty and she's not ready.

"Come on",I shout at (4.) ... top of my voice. "We have to leave now or I'll be late for (5.) ... lessons".

"Wait (6.)... minute. I can't find my shoes."

I sigh and patiently call upstairs:

"Aren't they in (7.) ... besroom?"


"Where did you take them off in (8.) ... bathroom." и тд. если кто-то делал,помогите пожалуйста:*


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