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He had came the home by that time.

Susan had finished the project by Wednesday.

Pupils had done the tests by the end of the lesson.

When I came my sister had already been the home.

When he phoned I had been at a party.

She had gone to the shop before the rain started.

How long did Laika trevell around the Earth in the satellite Sputhik 2?

Which holiday is celebrated on the 12th of April in Russia?

How many spaceships have been launched since the space era began?

What do most of the astrounats in space?

How does the Earth look from space?


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He had cOme home by that time.
Susan had finished HER project by Wednesday.
When he phoned, I was at a party.(нет предшествования)
лучше it started to rain
What do most of the astonaunts do in space?
What does the Earth look like from space?