Look at the picture and say in what spheres of life there people are famous.
Example: Sir W. Churchill was a famous politician.
1) Margaret Thatcher.
2) Savva Morozov
3) Anna Pavlova
4) Albert Einstein
5) Pablo Picasso
6) Garry Kasparov


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1) Margaret Thatcher was The Iron Lady
2) Savva Morozov was a famous businessman
3) Anna Pavlova was a famous ballerina
Albert Einstein was a great physicist
Pablo Picasso was an incredible artist
6) Garry Kasparov is a Soviet and Russian chess player
Margaret Thatcher-British Prime Minister;Savva Morozov, Sr., of serfs Ryumins nobility, is the founder of the dynasty.Anna Pavlova was a dancer.Albert Einstein, the great physicist.Pablo Picasso was a great artist.Garry Kasparov Russian chess player.