Пожалуйста, составьте предложения (5-6 классы) со словами. английского языка - above, abroad, across, act, activity, abbey, adjective, advert, desision, strip, adult, active, act, add, adress. Пожаль! через 40 мин сдавать...


Ответы и объяснения

1. ABOVE: Below we're the silvery lakes, above we're the snowy peaks
2. ABROAD: My strange uncle from abroad (название песни вообще))
3. ACROSS: Richard stood up and walked across to the window
4. ACT: She was caught in the act of stealing
5. ACTIVITY: 2014 calendar of activities
6. ABBEY: have you ever been to Westminster abbey?
7. ADJECTIVE: black is an adjective
8. ADVERT: he adverts other matters
9. DECISION: we made the decision to accept their offer
10. STRIP: zebras have black and white strips
11. ADULP: Adults must accept full responsibility for their actions
12: ACTIVE: having an action youngster about the house can be quite wearing
13.ACT: было уже
14. ADD: he added me to friends in Facebook!
15. ADRESS: do you know his address?